How Should Christian Women Dress?

The reason I began blogging all those years ago was my passion for modesty and purity. As a young Christian woman, I was troubled by the lack of modesty displayed by women of God and I wanted to be an encouragement, someone to tell younger girls that modesty does not equal being frumpy or ugly, and it does not mean that we have to dress ourselves in an unappealing way, in a way that hides our shapes, frames, or completely distorts how we look. I wanted young ladies to know that we can and should be confident in the bodies that God gave us, no matter the shape or size, and that when we dress modestly, we are simply respecting our Creator and ourselves. For a very long time, I struggled with the fact that I knew I needed to dress in a way that pleases the Lord and my desire to fit into society. I couldn’t stand dressing up as a younger girl, and the thought of a dress or skirt made me want to cringe. The moment that I got home from church, the only place that my parents asked me to wear dresses and skirts as a form of reverence and respect for the house of God, I would run to my room and change into a pair of jeans. I hated femininity and I hated modesty because I had no confidence in that type of apparel. Then, I began to search out scripture and find out what it says about modesty, and also began to read some books on the topic. At first, I was greatly convicted and felt as if I was doing my faith a great disservice by wearing pants and eventually, I came to the conclusion that I can be more modest in pants at times (think farm work, training horses and so on) as well as safer in them than I would be in a skirt. I’ve gone back and forth on what I believe on the topic of modesty and how Christian women should dress, and I’ve finally come to believe this,

What we wear speaks a great deal about what kind of life we’re living.

Think on this: You are in town and see a man walk into the same restaurant that you’re at. He’s dressed in an expensive suit, a nice tie, brand new shiny shoes, a briefcase in hand. He’s a businessman, or at the very least, someone with an important job. You see a woman in muddy, worn jeans, scuffed cowboy boots with spurs on the end. She works at a ranch, rides horses and probably works outside for most of the day. The Bible says that while man looks on the outer image, God looks in our heart, and this is a wonderful comfort. We can be saved no matter what we wear, what we’ve done, what we’ve said…but I believe that after salvation, we should want to please God and be a Godly witness. Man looks on the outer image. So what do they see when we walk into the room? What sort of conclusion do they draw? I want to be clear. I don’t believe that pants are immodest or sinful if worn properly and if they are the right size. I don’t believe that you must wear skirts or dresses 100% of the time, and I do not think that you’re not saved if you choose to wear immodest clothing. What I am saying is this…we are a gospel witness to everyone that we meet and our clothing says a lot about us. You can tell a lot about a person by how they dress. When people look at us, what are they seeing? Women, are they seeing a woman who dresses nicely, who covers her body out of respect for herself, her Savior, and possibly her future husband? Or do they see a women who resembles the world more than someone who has been born again, out of a sinful world?

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This is a very hot topic, and I know that it is extremely easy to sound judgemental or holier than thou when discussing modesty and why I believe that modesty is important. Not only do I believe that it is important, but I believe that it should be an attribute that every Christian woman possesses. It may seem as if I am putting too much stock into the outer image and not enough on the spiritual side of things, but remember, we can be a witness in very simple ways. How we talk, how we behave, how we present ourselves. We can be a witness without ever mentioning God. I was in a grocery store on a Wednesday evening, just after church, when an older woman walked up to me and asked if I’d just been at church. I said yes, and she asked where I attended. She knew I had been at church because I was dressed in a certain way. I wonder, would she have asked if I was in leggings and a sweatshirt? If I was in short shorts and a revealing top? And does God not ask us to dress with reverence? Proverbs 11:22 – As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion. What does that word discretion mean in the Bible? The word “discretion” means: 1. The quality of being discreet; circumspection 2. Ability or power to decide responsibly. When we dress and show off our entire bodies, we are not dressing with discretion. When we respect our bodies and dress in a modest manner, we are dressing with discretion, respect and reverence towards God.

In just a moment I’m going to share a wonderful online shop with my fellow Christian ladies (and male readers…Christmas is coming up! There are lots of pretty things here for your favorite women!) that I hope will assist you in finding beautiful modest clothing. All of it can be customized to fit just about any size, shape or height! But before I do, I want to remind you of one more thing that scripture also says about modesty. When a man looks at a woman with lust, he has committed adultery in his heart. Women, you should never be blamed for a man’s mistake in committing adultery or acting out based on lust, but I want you to remember the power that our bodies have. When we dress immodestly, we are pushing our brothers in Christ towards lust, and we can very easily become a stumbling block in a very serious way. Are we trying to assist? Are we trying to help?

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On My Side.

There is a hymn that says these words, “Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side.
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain.” and as I heard it for the first time on Sunday, I was brought back to my years of struggling with my salvation. I often took great comfort in the book of Psalms during the hardest nights, when my anxiety would take over and fear would grip at my heart. Psalm 46 verse 10 says, Be still, and know that I am God.” and I thought about that verse frequently. I would sit in my dark bedroom at odd hours of night; 1am, 4am, 6am, and I would read that Psalm and say it over and over. I’d get still and quiet, and beg God to give me some sort of assurance. He always delivered, but then I would back away from Him when the sun started shining through my curtains in the morning and the world was awake and ready to comfort me in its imperfect way. When things were bright, the sun was out and I was busy with life, I would forget about my doubts until something happened. Something would ruffle me up and remind me that I was standing on a foundation that was falling apart, and I was about to fall through the cracks. I would go to bed at night and the fears would jump back out at me. I’d wonder, if something were to happen while I slept, where would I be? This was not God’s fault. No, the only reason behind my struggles laid on me. I was neglecting God but even still…during my neglect, He comforted me. He allowed me to be surrounded by His grace and love when my fears were laying heavily on me. When I reached out my hands towards Him, He would take them. He had hope in me. He was on my side. I may have fallen away from Him days or even hours later, but He was always willing to take that step of faith towards me, giving me chance after chance. Squire Parsons, who visited my church over the weekend to sing and share testimonies, sang a song that he wrote titled He Came To Me, and I think of these words,

The gulf that separated me from Christ, my Lord,
It was so vast the crossing I could never ford;
From where I was to His domain, it seemed so far;
I cried, “Dear Lord, I cannot come to where you are.”

“He came to me, O, He came to me.
When I could not come to where He was, He came to me.
That’s why He died on Calvary;
When I could not come to where He was, He came to me.

He came to me when I was bound in chains of sin,
He came to me when I possessed no hope within;
He picked me up and He drew me gently to His side,
Where, today, in His sweet love I now abide.”

It’s true; when we are not capable of coming to where He is, He is willing to stretch His hands out and lead us out on the water, just like He led Peter. The trick is, we have to keep our eyes on Him. Why did I backslide so often? Why did my fears and doubts not disappear the moment I asked Him for help the first time? Why did His comfort only last for a few hours, or a few days at best? It is because I ran away on my own. I went to Him in total fear and then when I thought the fear was gone and perhaps, I could go out on my own again, I would leave His safe arms and it would return. It is never safe to leave God’s arms. When we look away, take our hands out of His, leave His arms, we are facing the world with no defense. We have to have Him. We have to. If we want His comfort and assurance, we have to deny our flesh and take up our cross. We have to devote ourselves to prayer and devotion and Bible study, and it can not just be when the fears take over. We have to remember Him every day, no matter how we feel, because we always need Him. We truly do need Him every hour.

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I am an extremely blunt person. I’m not one to mince words or keep the truth hidden. If you have followed this blog for very long, or are on my personal Facebook or Instagram, you will have no doubt realized this. I tend to focus on repentance/conviction/sin, perhaps because I have seen what sin has done in the lives of so many people that I love and cherish. I see the need for immediate repentance and the turning away from our sins, and I do not hesitate to post about it or tell others about their own need for Jesus’ cleansing blood because of what we have done in order to need a new birth in Him. But this has been both a blessing and a curse, for I find it hard to focus on grace, love and forgiveness. I am quite fond of old time preachers because of their sheer honesty and passion for the Gospel, and I love to hear fire and brimstone preaching in a pulpit. That said, we would be nowhere without grace and love from our Lord. Without that grace and love, repentance would be needless because there would be no reason to repent. I have been blessed beyond measure because God came to me when I was not yet ready to come to Him, and He was waiting for me and eager to forgive me and restore our broken relationship if only I would take up my cross completely. But I didn’t have the strength to do it on my own, and He offered His own time and time again. I had to swallow my pride and take His hand eventually, and realize that I could not go any further on my own. As a young woman shared on my Bible study group on Facebook, there is a time for rebuking and a time for rebuilding, a time for conviction and a time for comfort. Thank God that He is always ready to give us whatever we need at the time, wherever we’re at, and He is always willing to meet us where we are.

Who Is Guiding Your Children?

I find it odd to be posting something on child rearing and parenting considering I’m a young, single person with no children, but I suppose having a young person’s point of view on this topic might be helpful to some. I want to start off by saying that I am very fortunate to have grown up in a Christian home despite what was happening with my father in my early life and even still continues on today even though he passed away over the summer due to his drug addiction. My mother took us to church every chance we got. We visited a few after her and my father separated and finally joined a church when I was around ten years old and we stayed there for seven years. It was-and still is-a Godly, Bible-Believing church and I learned so much in my seven years there. I was inspired greatly by my Pastor and his wife, and by other members of the congregation. I learned about the Bible and I learned about a lot of Godly people and it was extremely important to me. It still is. But, I have my mother to thank in regards to who I learned to look up to. You see, it’s very easy for a young person to drift away from Godly people and stray over to whoever is popular. When I was my tweens/very early teens, I started wanting to look up to the famous women that I saw in TV, magazines, or on a stage somewhere simply to fit in with the rest of the crowd. This was also during the beginning of my “doubting period” with God, and I wasn’t all that interested in the Bible or anything regarding the Christian faith. I was very sheltered and didn’t know much about celebrities, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to. My parents kept me in church and my mother continued telling me about true Godly role-models, and I gradually drifted back. Even though I would say right now that my faith is stronger than it has ever been, I still have my moments of wanting to fit in. I know that making friends and keeping them around would be much easier if I relaxed on my convictions and beliefs, and it is still extremely tempting at times. What feels like my entire generation-which isn’t true, there is still a very large remnant, if you will, of God-fearing young people-look up to women like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa and so on. Most teenaged girls going into their early 20’s have been sucked into a liberal feminism movement because of said famous women and what those women say. Because of who they look up to, they have left their first love, so to speak, and moved on to things that God blatantly disapproves of. We have left modesty, purity and a strong, unwavering faith to the older folks sitting in pews at church because we find it boring. We like the faith that we see women like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have; they claim to be Christians and to be bought by Jesus’ blood, but they do not act like women of God. They have twisted scripture until it started to suit their desires and wishes for their lives and then they’ve left it. I don’t say these things to be mean to a group of women, famous or not, but it is extremely important to find out who your children look up to. Ask them. Dig deep. They’ll probably be honest.

The modern media has tricked young people, young girls especially, that they need role-models like the women mentioned about to teach them about confidence and how to have it. They’ve tricked them into thinking that you must look up to these women and follow their wonderful examples. They must be doing something right if they’re so famous. I want you to be extremely wary and be careful with who you let your children, your young daughters, even your sons, look up to. Those people may seem like innocent role-models, they may appear to help your kids learn how to be confident and proud of themselves, but it can turn toxic very quickly. Most kids would follow these people and do whatever they say or start believing what they believe because it is very easy to put a beautiful, talented, seemingly kind person on a pedestal.

Being nice vs being Godly: 10 Bible verses on cultivating Christian character | Christian News on Christian Today:
Start teaching your children about the role-models that God Himself has given us to look up to in Holy Scripture.

My mother taught me about a lot of people. Biblical people, like King David, a man that I learned to look up to due to his heart for God, a man that I seek to learn from so I do not make his same mistakes. People like Esther, who boldly stand for God when no one else does. People like Jonah, who learn from their experiences that God sends them and goes on to act upon it and change for the better. People like the Apostle Paul, who sought after Christ even when it put him in prison. These people were all flesh and blood, they had their faults, but God gives them to us in scripture so that we can learn from them. We will all fall short of the glory of God, but these men and women, despite their faults, were actively seeking God and believed in repentance. They did not cherry pick the Bible to suit their needs, they knew who God was and is, and they followed Him through everything. When they failed, they allowed God to pick them back up again.

My mother taught me about Christians like Lester Roloff and other great preachers. She encouraged me to study history and find Christian pastors, preachers, evangelists, missionaries and writers from the past so I could learn from them and their heroic faith. She would take me to the bookstore and allow me to pick out books from the classics section. I’ve always been one for old stories, for classic books, for history, so this section has always been my favorite. She encouraged me to read and learn, and she’d buy me Spurgeon, Tozer, Bunyan, Elisabeth Elliot, Ravenhill and so on. She made me listen to sermons with her even when I did not want to, and she told me about the sermons that she listened to in her own time, told me about the new preacher that she found, the preachers that she grew up listening to and looking up to. I remember her talking about the day that she heard Lester Roloff and his group of girls that he had around at the time sing and preach at her school. A day that changed her life. She almost always had videos playing of him and his girls singing. I hated it when I was young, I love it now.

My mother was real with me. She told me, in her blunt way, about the people that God wants me to follow after. I learned about the attributes of a Godly person and how to live my life based on God’s calling and not on what so-and-so is recommending on the TV.

“If you don’t want your daughters to grow up and dress like the female celebrities of today, if you don’t want them to glorify the flesh, sleep around, seek fame and attention from the world, then show them the Christian greats. Show them the Bible. Show them Jesus. Your daughters do not have to have Beyonce or Taylor Swift or any other celebrity to make them learn how to be confident.”

I’ve seen a lot of young women go wayward because of who they’ve learned to look up to. It is easy to be deceived by anyone who is famous and appears frequently on our social media pages and TV screens. The Devil uses them-I know, this sounds very Baptist of me-and it can be a great danger. I’m not saying that celebrities are evil or if your daughter likes a song by Taylor Swift, she’s going to go out into the world and fall away from God, but I’m saying this; be careful of who you are letting become a role-model in your child’s life. I’m asking you this-Who do you want your child to grow up to be like? What kind of characteristics do you want them to have? What do you want them to do when they are older? This isn’t about whether you want your child to be a prosperous doctor or a lawyer, it’s about what kind of heart you want them to have. Ask them who they’re looking up to, then go out and do some research on whatever man or woman that they say. The Bible and men and women of God should be placed far above any popular celebrity. Parents, media is going to try and tell you that these women are teaching them how to love themselves and be confident, but there is no better place to find Godly confidence than in scripture or in the books or sermons of God followers. Teach them to be confident in the Lord, not in their flesh.

I’m writing about this because I didn’t fully understand how important this is until just weeks ago. I realized that gradually, I’m turning into my mother. Not a bad thing. When I plug my phone into my car to play music, I play Lester Roloff. I’m turning into my mother. I’m still drifting towards what she taught me in our home. What I learned in my church because my mother made me go and listen. While the slightly younger me would have been tempted to play what my peers were playing, I learned based on what my mother taught me and how she steered me. What are you teaching? And who are you letting teach your children? This very blog is based on the people I look up to. I started writing a Christian blog because of those Christian people I talked about earlier. They taught me a lot about the Bible and about life. How I dress, how I conduct myself in public, what music I listen to, is all in a way based on who I’ve learned to look up to. Now, I’ve picked a lot of these people for myself. It’s been trial and error, but really, it’s like scripture says, Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I want to end this post with a verse from Ecclesiastes chapter 12. Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not. Teach them to remember their Creator and the people that He would be proud of. The people that are His disciples.

God Is Always Prepared.

Ever since my Pastor started the series on Jonah, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. There are so many important things to learn from in the small book, and it has quickly become a favorite of mine. I’ve been convicted over my prayer life, my submission (or lack thereof) and my life in general. What am I doing-or not doing-for God? But something from one particular sermon has stuck out to me all week as I’ve been thinking and praying on the election. Something that my Bible says in Jonah chapter 1, verse 1. I’ve mentioned this verse in a few posts lately, I believe, but I’d like to put a different spin on it than I have before. This verse and this story makes me think of my country and the upcoming election. History will be made today, it is inevitable; it is very easy to get discouraged and think that all hope is gone no matter who becomes our next President, but I want us to remember these words in the book of Jonah…

Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah.

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I can only imagine the terror that was felt on the boat from all of the men. A great storm was raging, and they felt as if all hope was lost. Their lives were in great danger, and perhaps this situation is not comparable to the situation that we are in now, but a lot of Christians seem to think that this election is a matter of life or death. We’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights in prayer, or just worrying about the things that will change. We worry about Donald Trump and if he will be a good President, or just be a total foolish loudmouth. We worry about Hillary Clinton and wonder if we will have any sort of religious freedom after her years as the leader of this country. We worry about America and our freedom, our safety, and wonder how long we will be able to live freely as Christian people.

We really do have a lot to worry about. A lot is at stake here.

When Jonah was being cast out of the boat, he didn’t know that just weeks later, he would be safe and right where God had wanted him to be in the first place. He didn’t know that God had prepared a large fish to swallow him up and keep him safe. Jonah says in chapter 2 that he was trapped by the strong waters and tangled in the middle of weeds in the sea. He must have been terrified. He was in the water, drowning, cast out of the sight of God, and the next thing he knows, there is a great fish coming at him to eat him. We tend to make this into a kid-friendly story and think of the big fish as a nice whale, but regardless of what kind of fish this was, this wasn’t a happy sight for him. He was doomed unless God intervened, and he knew it. We as Christians probably feel like we can echo his thoughts. We look around at America and wonder if we are also cast out of His sight. Does God even dare look at us now? With all of the corruption and sin? We panic and worry about things that happen. We can look at this story and completely forget about the state of our country and put a personal spin on this. Perhaps, you’re going through a storm and you feel like all hope is lost…but all hope is not lost. God is preparing, He is always preparing. God has prepared a great fish for us, for America, and no matter what happens, whether it is rapture or revival, we are still on the winning side. God never leaves His people to die alone without helping them. He never leaves us nor forsakes us.

Later on in the fourth chapter of Jonah, we read that God prepared three more things. A gourd in verse 6, a worm in verse 7, and a wind in verse 8. God prepared all of these things-the fish, the gourd, the worm, the wind, in order to save a country that was lost in sin and desperately needed a revival. He prepared those things to lead Jonah to the right place both physically and spiritually. If God can use something as small as a worm for Ninevah, why do we doubt that He can use His people in America? We are doubting God, but He still works in mighty ways. Perhaps the reason that we don’t see great revivals anymore is because we are doubting God too much. We aren’t even giving Him a moment to work. We have no faith.

Ninevah was saved. It is not too late for America.

So, who is going to rise up and stir up a revival? Who is going to learn from their mistakes like Jonah and rise up to preach the Gospel? Who is going to sit in the belly of the fish and pray earnestly? Remember what the story of Jonah is about. It is a book all about mission work. A book about a great revival in a man’s heart, and in Ninevah. The book of Jonah is proof that God is ready to forgive and save. Jonah said this in chapter 2,

When my soul fainted within me I remembered the Lord: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple.

They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.

But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord.

He vowed to never be a part of they that sin and focus on their own vanities. He vowed to preach the Gospel in Ninevah and be a part of something great there. If Christians would get on their knees and promise this same thing to God, to be different and set apart, we could see a revival just like the one in Ninevah.

We have to remember that God has prepared a great fish. In other words, God has prepared a way out of the sin that we are in. The question is, are we ready to leave the boat headed to Tarshish and get on board with God?

Our Task Is Still The Same.

The judgment of God against this nation will not be turned by a more conservative President, but by the repentance of its people. The church’s task for the next 4 yrs is the same as the last 2000 yrs – Preach the Gospel to every creature and live it out before them. – Paul Washer

History is will be made this week. Whether you are an American or not, this decision, deciding who will be the next president of the United States, will probably effect you in some way. Most Americans have been panicking over this for the last year or so, and the stress seems to be getting worse and worse as the days go by. Most of us will admit that we are not entirely fond of our two choices and would much rather start all over with new candidates to choose from. While I support the Republican nominee, he was not my pick or my favorite candidate, and I have often found myself wishing that we could have a better, more experienced Christian man running for office. But alas, Donald Trump was the nominee. On the other side, we have Hillary Clinton, a woman that I can not, and will not, ever endorse. I could turn this into a completely political post, but I won’t. Because this world has focused far too much on politics in the last few months, and I think it would do us Christians good to remember something very important.

No matter who becomes the next President, we are still serving the same God, and our task has not changed.

God is not going to send an incredible revival simply because Donald Trump wins the election. I see a lot of Christians putting all of their hope in Donald Trump, and I want to remind us all that Donald Trump is not our Savior. Now, let me be clear; I think that whoever chooses not to vote in this election is making a very irresponsible decision. If Hillary Clinton does get into office, she will change everything, and not for the better. She stands for everything that the Bible is against. Her stance on abortion alone should be enough for us to stand up and vote against her. It should be enough to make us want to fight. We have the opportunity to fight against a woman who has no respect for God at all whatsoever, and although I do not put my hope in Donald Trump, I do believe that he is a far better choice than Hillary Clinton. If you want to take that as an endorsement, that is fine. Regardless of what you think about things he has said-and yes, he has done wrong-I want to remind you of the danger that Hillary Clinton could create. She will make abortion nothing more than a casual thing that requires no thought. She will change the Supreme Court and she will put our religious freedom in serious jeopardy. Ask yourself now, do you want Hillary Clinton to run this country? Your answer should be no. Now, go do your job and vote against her. Christians have been silent for far too long, and it is time to say that enough is enough. It is time to for us to see what the liberal influence has done to our country and stand strong against it.

So, God is not going to send a revival because of the Republican nominee. The President has never been responsible for a worldwide revival. Donald Trump claims to be a Christian, and while I do doubt his salvation for various reasons, I pray that he is truly born again. That is all we can do-pray over it. But I want to remind you all that creating a revival is not Donald Trump’s job. His job is to make America a better and safer place. Creating revival is our job. That job belongs to the church of Christ. If Trump is saved, he is a part of that, and he has a part in that job. I only hope that he does his part.

If we want to see this country go back to God, we have to stand up as Christians and fulfill the task that God has given us. We have to be bold and strong and fight against the ungodly attacks that America has been under for years. We have to stand up and cry against abortion, sexual immorality, and so on. We have to fight for our Supreme Court so it does not turn into a horrible liberal creation. We have to fight for the White House.

If you have not voted, I want to beg you; go vote. We are up against two candidates, and neither of them are perfect. But one of them believes in partial birth abortion. The murder of babies in the womb. One of them is going to send this country to a place not unlike Sodom and Gomorrah. This is a definite thing. Not an if, not a maybe.

So vote. I’m going to be blunt and say this. Vote against Hillary Clinton.

But remember, no matter who wins, we still have a task. It is our job to create a revival. It is our job to stand up for God and share the Gospel. It is our job to be set apart, to be salt and light. This country is not going to experience a sudden revival if Donald Trump takes the White House. The only way we are going to see a God-sent revival is if His people-all of us-get serious about where this world is heading. If we get on our knees and pray, and beg of Him to turn things around. If we open our eyes and see how terrible things are now. We are not going in the right direction, and before long, it will be too late for us to turn around. Let God use you. Do not be like this world. Go do something to change it.

What if God created another 7,000 in America? Would you be a part of the 7,000 like in Israel? God always leaves a remnant, and it is time that we determine to be in it. It is not too late for America, and no matter who wins the election, our task is the same. Be a part of the holy remnant of God and seek after a revival that will turn this country around.

1 Kings 19:18

“Yet I will leave 7,000 in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal and every mouth that has not kissed him.”


What Does It Take?

I have a question for you all…and I want you to think on this. Don’t just read it and move on, don’t answer it quickly in your head because you think that your faith is strong enough that it will never waver. Remember when Peter denied Jesus, remember when King David turned from God, remember when so many followers of Christ lost their faith, even for a time. So, remember this as you ponder my question; we are all capable of losing our faith just like Peter did. We are all capable of denying our Savior in tough times. We are all capable of backsliding. In the deepest parts of our heart, we are still sinners. We are still fighting a battle with Satan, and he will take any chance he gets to win our hearts over, even if it is for five minutes, five days, five years, or a lifetime. Peter denied Him three times. If Peter could deny Him after he traveled with Him for so long, so can we.

What Does It Take For Us To Lose Faith?

Who has the power to take away our faith, even if it is for a moment? Who has the power to make us lose that faith and guide us into a sinful situation of backsliding? Who-or what- has enough power to take a hold of us and make us deny Him? Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? The constant backsliding of America? Could it be one of your children who have started to live a sinful lifestyle? Could it be a spouse who is mean, or perhaps cheats on you? Could it be a parent who degrades you? What has the power to make us lose faith? An illness? The death of a family member? Losing a close friend? Being betrayed by someone? For a very long time, I allowed my situations to control my faith and I let my situations steer me as I made a very feeble attempt to walk with God. But the wheel of my heart would get turned, and I’d go the wrong way. I’d take the wrong turn. I hit a lot of dead ends in my faith. I felt like I was getting nowhere. My prayer life was horrible, I never studied the Bible, I stopped witnessing so boldly, I didn’t want to go to church or listen to sermons. Suddenly, the world began to look very appealing. I thought, wow, how nice would it be…to be a part of the world, and not have to worry about the things of God? How easy would my life be if I wasn’t worried about going to this church service, or reading my Bible each day? What caused my backsliding? What made me get so lukewarm? I lost my faith because I let my hard situations get to me. Somewhere along the line, I forgot how powerful God is. I let myself get disheartened. God wasn’t fixing anything in my life, so my attempts to follow Him seemed to be pointless. And then I realized this; God is not a genie in the bottle, and He owes me nothing. He could have fixed every problem I had ever faced in a blink of an eye, but He didn’t. He didn’t fix those things for a reason. They made me into a stronger Christian. When I stopped being so focused on myself and how I wanted my life to go, I was able to see His plan clearly. All I needed was to get to the end of myself, as my Pastor would say, and get to Him. He has no end. He never loses strength. I do, but He sure doesn’t.

Peter lost faith after he watched Jesus die on the cross. He was afraid for his own life, and I’m sure that he was doubting Jesus at that point. After all…He died. The Savior, the Son of God, dead. That would be a good reason to doubt things. So, he denied Him. We read on and see that he got his faith back. 1st Peter 1:3 says this, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He found his faith through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We can find our faith in the same thing. We may look at America today and think to ourselves, this will never get better. We may think that revival will never happen, but Christian, let me remind you of Ninevah. Let’s read Jonah chapter 3.

1 And the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying,

Arise, go unto Nineveh, that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee.

So Jonah arose, and went unto Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord. Now Nineveh was an exceeding great city of three days’ journey.

And Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey, and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.

So the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them.

For word came unto the king of Nineveh, and he arose from his throne, and he laid his robe from him, and covered him with sackcloth, and sat in ashes.

And he caused it to be proclaimed and published through Nineveh by the decree of the king and his nobles, saying, Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock, taste any thing: let them not feed, nor drink water:

But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands.

Who can tell if God will turn and repent, and turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not?

10 And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not.

A revival in a sinful place, not unlike America. God used Jonah to stir up a great revival. One of the greatest revivals that this world has ever seen. Do we not serve the same God who created this revival? Do we not serve the same Jesus who rose again on the third day? I think of the martyr Polycarp, and what we read about him in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. As he was being killed brutally for his faith, these were his words when he was told to deny Him:

We serve the same God that Polycarp served. We may not have been serving him for 86 years, but we are still serving Him day by day. Years do not matter. We still have a personal relationship with Christ. These people urged Polycarp-deny Him! We will release you! But still, he did not waver in his faith. He looked death in the eye, and he proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ with boldness and pride for His Savior.

I ask again…what does it take for us to lose faith?

This country is in a very dangerous place, I will not deny it. But God is still capable of sending revival. Your life may be hard right now, but God is still capable of using it to His glory. He does not change, and He created you for a purpose. He created this country for a purpose, and I know that if His people humble themselves and pray, if His people rise up as a remnant of God and begin serving Him wholeheartedly, this nation will be healed. There is no if, and there is no but. He says I will. He is ready to fulfill His end of the bargain, are we? Are we willing to take things seriously? The biggest problem in America today, the biggest problem in our personal lives today, is that we have stopped taking God seriously. We are doubting Him far too much, and we are trusting in politicians far too much. Where do we put our faith? We’ve jumped on the boat with Jonah, ready to flee from Ninevah and get somewhere easy. We’ve jumped on the boat with Jonah, ready to get away from what He is calling us to do because we know it’s gonna be difficult. But all it took for Ninevah was one man dedicated to serving God…one man who realized that the boat to Tarshish wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. One man. God’s greatest revivals have come from a small remnant of believers. Can we not rise up and be a remnant?

Psalms 9:10 – And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.

 Zechariah 8:6-12 – Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘If it is too difficult in the sight of the remnant of this people in those days, will it also be too difficult in My sight?’ declares the LORD of hosts. “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘Behold, I am going to save My people from the land of the east and from the land of the west; and I will bring them back and they will live in the midst of Jerusalem; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God in truth and righteousness.

What God Gives Us.

There is a saying out there that I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say to us during tough times and hard situations. God never gives us more than we can handle. I’ve heard it. I was told that when I was dealing with constant sickness years ago, I was told that when I began voicing my struggle over my father and brothers drug addiction, I was told that when my father died. I’ve been told that all throughout my life. When a girl struggles with anxiety and tends to worry about more than is normal, she gets told that a lot. Most people would say that saying helps calm their nerves, but for me…it just made things worse. Before I rededicated my life to Him and began to lay my heavy baggage at the alter, I was very aware that the popular saying was a lie. God had given me way more than I could handle on my own. My family couldn’t help. My friends couldn’t help. No one could get rid of those problems, even with hours spent praying for me, even with all of the sweet advice, until I was willing to open my eyes and realize that God was ready to bare my burdens if only I’d hand them to Him. But you see, I couldn’t deal with those problems. A dying, drug addicted father is way more than a young teenage girl can handle on her own. The stress that this life had put on me was way more than I could handle on my own. Most people would say that I was coping, and I guess that just says that I’m a good actor, because I wasn’t. I wasn’t sleeping at night. I had no peace in my life.

And then, I turned it over to God.

I’ve always thought that I’d be one to fall into some sort of addiction very easily because of how I am. How I think. How I feel. I’m highly sensitive, I have an anxiety disorder of some sort, I get depressed very easily. A few more years of this kind of stress and I think anyone without God would be a drug addict or an alcoholic or something. I don’t know what I’d turn to, but without God, there would have to be something. Some sort of horrible replacement. I come from a long line of addicts, it’s true. A long line of people who have mental issues. Lots of anxiety. Lots of depression. Lots of problems. We’re a happy, solid bunch. (I say this with sarcasm.) But then…I turned it over to God. Just like a lot of folks in my family did. And that made all the difference in my life.

Look at some heroes of the faith. Do you think they could handle life without God? Do you think that King David could’ve handled losing so much of his family without God? Do you think that Daniel could’ve handled being thrown into the lion’s den without God? Just like Daniel would have been devoured by lions if he did not have God there to intercede, we would be devoured by sin. Maybe your problem wouldn’t be addiction. Maybe it would be stress. Sinful relationships. Failure. Who knows, there are a lot of places that we could all end up. Maybe you’ll have a prosperous life like the Bible says happens to unbelievers, but in the end, you lose it all. You lay on your death bed somewhere and realize that you need God now more than ever. You needed Him through your entire life…and now that you have Him, it’s too late to serve Him. Either way…we need God. We can’t handle this life without Him, or anything that it throws at us. Sometimes, God Himself gives us more than we can handle on purpose. Look at Jonah- my Pastor asked this question a few weeks ago. “Who tossed Jonah into the sea?” Who created that storm that made the boat toss and turn? That made even the seasoned sailors fear for their lives? In Jonah chapter 1, we read that the men tossed Jonah into the sea, but then later on, we read that God did. God worked through that storm that He created and He tossed Jonah into the sea in order to bring Jonah back to Him, and get him to where he needed to be. This wasn’t just about getting Jonah somewhere physical like Jonah, he needed to be in a better place spiritually, too. Sometimes, God gives us more than we can handle so we turn to Him.

"With renewed faith Gideon and Purah roused their mini army and launched a night attack. This threw the Midians into a panic and they slaughtered each other in confusion. It was a rout. Not one of Gideons three hundred perished in the battle. God gave them more than they could handle to force them to rely wholly on him.  When were confronted with an impossible situation or trial Gideons three hundred preach to us that 'salvation is from the Lᴏʀᴅ' (Psalm 37:39) and 'if God is for us who can b...:

Lazarus couldn’t have raised himself from the dead. Jonah couldn’t have survived that storm. Then, we can think about heroes that we grew up learning about. Could the man who wrote the hymn It Is Well survive all that he went through and still be able to say it is well with my soul? He lost his entire family. Everything. But still, it was well. He had a peace that no one could give him but Jesus Christ. Could Dietrich Bonhoeffer go to the place where he would be killed with peace in his heart without Jesus Christ interceded? Could Polycarp stand at the feet of his killers still proclaiming God’s name without God Himself interceded for him? Those men stood up for God even when it meant dying for Him. That is…a lot of stress. How could they handle that with peace when we can barely handle the stress of waiting in a long line at a store without having a panic attack?

This life. Man, is it terrifying. We’ve got that scary election coming up and we’re stuck between two candidates, both of which I’m not entirely fond of, but we’re stuck. We’ve got hurricanes, crazy storms hitting us every time we look up. We’ve got riots and angry people killing others based on what kind of uniform they wear or what color their skin is. Hate is everywhere. How do we handle this? Maybe I’m weak, but I can’t handle my life without God. I can’t handle everything that gets thrown at me without Him. But that’s the point. The point of this life was never to see who is the strongest and who can survive the longest without Him. He is the entire point. Getting close to Him, doing what He calls us to do, finding a peace that only He can offer and then going out and sharing that peace with others. That is our calling. That is our purpose. He is our purpose. It’s not survival of the fittest, and that is a good, good thing, because none of us would win in the end. Eventually, even if our life was all sunshine and rainbows here on earth, we wouldn’t be able to handle going to the judgement seat and getting into Heaven without God.

Isaiah 43:2 says this, When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” God gives us this kind of promise time and time again for a reason. He is fully aware that without Him, those rivers would drown us. That fire would burn us. Why else would He offer to protect us from them? And He is always willing to be with us as we go through the fire and the water and the dark valleys, we just have to be willing to give our lives to Him. God sends us storms to remind us that we still need a Savior. We still need to repent and turn our lives over to Him. What would the point of them be if we could handle them all by ourselves? Then, there would be no need for God.

And then, even after we come to Him, He’ll still use storms. There’s this saying…

Life changes happen daily. Some changes cause pain while others bring happiness in our lives. When you feel weak and like you're breaking we must remember our soul is always rooting for us! See the positivity in your adversity. "God will never give you more than you can handle." #life #growth #Godfirst #thenyou by natdam78:

Why do Christians still suffer? Why am I still dealing with my problems? Why doesn’t God remove them the moment we’re saved? Because we are always, always growing. We always have to be growing spiritually. There will never be a point in this life that God will look down on us and say, “That Christian is perfect. They’re done! They don’t need to grow anymore.”David Ring is a preacher who has cerebral palsy, and he once hinted on this topic at a Gaither concert. He said that he is still in the oven and God is still cooking, and he’s only going to be ready and perfect when he gets to Heaven. Our journey is over the day we get to Heaven, not a day before. That is when we will be made perfect, but now is not that time. We still have to grow. I have to swallow my pride and thank God for the storms that He has sent me because those storms have molded me into who I am today. Those storms are my biggest inspirations, the best reminders to keep going and to stay close with God so I don’t lose everything based on my weaknesses, and boy, am I weak. The moment I turn away from God is the moment that I stop growing as a Christian, and the moment that I lose everything I had with Him. And I have a lot with Him. He uses these storms to remind us of all that we do have, so that we can have a thankful heart. He uses these storms to remind us that with God on our side, we can get through anything. These storms give us a testimony, a way to reach others, and a great reason to reach others. Don’t we want others to have that peace from God?

What does God give us? He gives us a lot. He gives us storms, hard times. He tosses us up but He is capable of picking us back up. He gives us peace, and grace, and the strength to get through. God gives us a lot.