Let’s Be Intolerant.

I apologize in advance for not having a sappy Thanksgiving post, but let’s be honest…sappy really isn’t my thing for this site. Read this instead, and enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow! 🙂

In a world that is politically correct, we tend to shy from anything that would make us seem intolerant. We don’t say that we’re against sin like abortion, homosexuality, adultery, addiction, sexual immorality and so on because we may be labeled intolerant. God forbid we seem intolerant, because that would make us seem stuffy, stuck-up, and yes…holier than thou. So, instead of being intolerant, we are being tolerant. We’re tolerating sin and just loving everybody. We’re telling everyone that God is LOVE and how amazing His grace is, which yes, is all true, but we’re forgetting about the other part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hell. Repentance. Damnation. Sin. Without sin, there is no repentance, without repentance, there is no salvation. But if we preach Hell and repentance, that would mean we’re intolerant of sin. And if we’re intolerant, we are those annoying Christian’s who think they’re better than everyone else. But here’s the deal, Christian’s.

If there was ever a time for intolerance, it is now.

Matt Walsh just posted a blog post on intolerance, which was honestly my main inspiration for this post. He says in the post,

Only our beliefs are mocked as entertainment. Only Our Lord is spit upon just for fun.
And why? Simple: because we tolerate it. We accept it. We PARTICIPATE IN IT by continuing to support the companies that produce this garbage. We lack the courage of our convictions. We are weak.

Jesus flipped tables when the temple was desecrated. Well, Christ IS the temple, so should we not do the same when He is defiled? Nobody respects us in this society because they know they can slap God Himself in the face and we will stand by and just continue handing them our money.

You know why Christian’s are the laughing stock of this world? Do you want to know why we’re the ones who are constantly belittled, judged and persecuted? Here’s one reason why.

We are weaklings.

We not only change His Gospel to fit this world’s needs and our desires to fit in, but we refuse to live how He commands us to. We refuse to witness, we refuse to be honest, we refuse to preach. And why? So that we fit in. The Bible never commands us to be like the world, or to be liked by the world, it does, however, command us to preach the Gospel any chance we get, it tells us that we will be belittled, we will be persecuted, we will be mocked, we will even be hated by some. This is just a fact for true Christian’s, something that we know will happen. We’ll always suffer, especially if we stand up as true Christian’s, but we could be doing a lot about the persecution we’re facing now. The persecution we’re facing now is ridiculous. We are literally being mocked everywhere, our Savior is put on TV shows and movies and songs and He is made out to be a joke, and we aren’t doing a thing about it. In fact, we’re watching the shows and movies, we’re listening to the songs! We aren’t only tolerating sin (something that should never be tolerated.) but we’re buying it! We are literally paying these people to mock us. We’re laughing it off. But this is something that should never be laughed off. This isn’t a joke, Christian’s. This is a war.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Ephesians 5:11

When someone mocks our God, we aren’t supposed to laugh it off or say it’s just a joke, just entertainment, or to lovingly pat their back and say, “Well, they just don’t know any better.” If they don’t know about Christ, tell them. Tell them about the Gospel, about sin and it’s cost. Tell them. Tell them what the cost of mocking the Lord is. Because God will not be mocked, He doesn’t think this is a joke, nor should we. Do you think Jesus would accept the things going on in our world? In our churches? Churches now are nothing more than a get together of sinners who claim to be Christian’s. Churches now have more unsaved than they do saved. Churches now are full of sin, and there is no punishment. There is no rebuking. There is no God. No Gospel. When our Christ is defiled, it is our JOB to stand up for Him and say enough is enough. It is not our job to comfort this world, but to confront this world.

Psalm 40:9-10 I have told the glad news of deliverance in the great congregation; behold, I have not restrained my lips, as you know, O Lord. I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart; I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation; I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness from the great congregation.

We are not victims in this world, we are the reason that we are being hated. We are the reason that Christian’s aren’t taken seriously.

Christian’s aren’t taken seriously because Christian’s don’t take Christ seriously. How can we expect sinners to see the glory of God and accept it in their lives if we don’t give them the full story? How could they learn of His love without the whole Gospel? They can’t. What good would Christ’s dying on the cross do without knowing where we’d be without it? What would Heaven be if we did not know that there was also a Hell?

It is time to step up and be intolerant. It is time for us to rebuke. It is time for us to be honest with the world, it is time for us to let the world know that we won’t allow sin to reign any longer. It is time for us to go to war.

You demon of alcoholism, you’ll be the first to go
There’s deliverance from you through Jesus Christ, so, hit the road.
You spirit of infirmity you aren’t welcome here anymore,
We lay hands on the sick and they recover so, out the door!

You demon of false religion you’ve preyed on minds so simple
I bind the spirit of your songs, so el kabong! Play that in your temple.
Now Satan, you’re next in line, I’m gonna hit you where it hurts
Because I’m tired of you in my family and I’m tired of you in my church.

I’m not my own, I’m bought with a price, I’m a Holy Ghost filled man
And I’m tollin’ the bell of your eternal destruction across the land.

Because I represent a whole new breed of Christian of today,
And I’m authorized and deputized to blow you clean away.
I’ve got a weapon with two bullets that overcome all sin and crud,
One bullet is called the word of my testimony
And the other one’s called The Blood
Satan, bite the dust!
– Carman


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Intolerant.

  1. A concerned brother in Christ November 26, 2015 / 2:06 pm

    Just going to be honest, couldn’t even make it past the first couple of paragraphs due to your very flawed theology. First off, Jesus told us we would be made fun of and hated by the world for following Him. We aren’t supposed to live a life without that. Second, being made fun of is not the same thing as persecution. Persecution is happening in the Middle East where Christians are being tortured and killed for following God. Being made fun of and laughed at and calling that persecution is childish. I urge you to please read your bible a little more. Lastly, being intolerant of someone is not going to lead them to Christ. Loving them and showing them the love of Christ however, that will. Jesus didn’t walk up to the woman and the well or the lame begged and say “you’re lifestyle is pathetic and evil and I’m going to condemn you to Hell.” No, he loved them, treated them as a friend, and they chose to follow Him. He didn’t force them to do it by any means. His LOVE not his intolerance lead them to Him.


    • kalinann November 26, 2015 / 2:10 pm

      You’re correct. We won’t live without persecution, and persecution is very different than being made fun of.
      But, you seem to have misread. Number 1, I said to be intolerant of the SIN, not the sinner. And yes, Jesus did indeed point out others sin when He was witnessing. He always told the sinner that they had sin and must repent.
      We will never go without being mocked by the world, but we shouldn’t put up with it just because hey, it’ll happen anyways.
      He told the woman at the well that she was a sinner, and without salvation and repentance, He let her know of her fate. He told the rich man that He must be born again, or else he’d end up in Hell. He told that man that he was prideful and put too much love into his things on earth.
      Did He force? No. You can’t fords anyone to salvation, but you can tell them about the gospel.
      Hope this helps.

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