A Great Tool.

You’ve probably heard a lot of Christian’s talk about social media as if it’s always sinful. The majority of the time that social media is talked about in churches, it’s typically talked about negatively. We talk about the dangers of it, the dangers of the internet period, and we should. The internet is a dangerous thing, social media is a dangerous thing. There are so many sinful and evil things lurking on our computers and smart phones. There is a great danger there. I know many, many people who are absolutely addicted. You won’t ever find them without their phone or a computer handy. I believe that we are far too addicted to these things – we are missing out on life because we’re constantly trying to watch it on our screens. We are wasting our lives away and can’t even get our eyes off of a screen to see it happening. I often think that maybe, just maybe, our world would be a lot better off without it. If we could just destroy every single phone and computer and game system and tv and whatever, maybe we could experience life more. Focus on our relationship with friends, family, our significant others, on Jesus. I often wish that I could’ve been born years and years and years ago, back when we didn’t have these luxuries. Back when things were simpler. But then, I remember just what a great time we live in. This world is scary, it’s dangerous, it’s sinful. Sometimes, I think we are far beyond repair. Human’s are quite possibly at an all-time low when it comes to sin. We aren’t just cheating more, we aren’t just lying more, we aren’t just lazier…we are killing thousands upon thousands of babies each month, we are losing far too many people to drug addiction, we are destroying Godly marriage, we are creating false idols out of everything.

We seem utterly hopeless to many people, but we know something that a lot of people don’t.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16.

We know how to find grace, healing, redemption, love. We know how to get to Heaven, we know Who leads us there. And we have an amazing tool. We have a tool that we aren’t using to our advantage, one that we’re really hardly using at all. You are reading this on that very tool. You have the power to reach people with a swipe of your screen. You have the ability to spread the Gospel to people you’d never have the chance to meet in person. On this blog alone, I have over 300 people following me. My posts have reached countries that many people haven’t even heard of. I’ve had hits in countries I could never even dream of going to in my life. I have met so many people on social media who had no idea what John 3:16 was, or what it meant. There are so many people dying and going to Hell, and we can talk to them.

But we aren’t.

Most of the Christian’s I know who are on social media hardly ever even mention God’s name. If they do, it’s over something silly. Something simple. Something trivial. Very rarely do I see a Christian online, telling people how to get saved, and telling them, honestly, where they are going without God. I see people comment about them sending prayers to someone, about “thanking God” for something tiny, but it is nothing. It is not the Gospel.

We need to do more than just mentioning His name, we need to be telling people about His Gospel. In this time, no one is without excuse. God calls us to be preachers, to pick up the cross and take it to those who have never heard the Good News.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. – Mark 16:15

You have no excuse. You may not be able to go out and open air preach in the streets. You may not be able to go on a mission trip to Haiti. But you can witness. You can share the Gospel with people. You can plant the seed. Be willing.

I met a girl a little over a year ago on Instagram. She knew nothing about Jesus. Our friendship later ended, although we still talk every so often, but in that short time I knew her, we prayed on the phone with each other. I was able to send her a Bible, I was able to explain scripture the best I could, and I was able to send her to people who knew way more than I do. I was able to plant a seed. I’ve been able to do that with several other people, and let me tell you – it is a ministry. This is an important thing, a big, big, big area that has been unused. I am a stay at home daughter and I am not able to go out and witness like I wish I could in person, but I am able to talk to several people every single day and attempt to share Jesus’ love and grace. Even if our attempts seem feeble, they mean something.

Social media has it’s evil’s, but let us never forget that it could be a ministry. A way to reach people that are currently alone and without God’s saving grace.


4 thoughts on “A Great Tool.

  1. Lee Simon November 13, 2015 / 9:55 pm

    I totally agree with everything you said in your post, Kalin! 🙂 If it wasn’t for the internet I would still be a lost sinner heading for Hell. The internet is an excellent tool when used for good and can reach millions of people in places where cannot physically go to.


    • kalinann November 14, 2015 / 3:32 am

      Thank you! There are so many people who have found Christ through the internet, it’s a shame that so many people are so busy being against it and being blind over it, focusing on the negatives, that they refuse to use it as a ministry.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lee Simon November 14, 2015 / 4:05 pm

        That is so true, everything has its drawbacks but at the end of the day it really boils down to how we as believers use these tools to bring glory to our God. Love your blog! Keep it up sister! 🙂


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