Preparing The Sinner For Grace.

notes from Ray Comfort’s sermon Hell’s Best Kept Secret.

Did you know that 80-90% of new believers end of backsliding after they are “saved”? This is because the church has falen away from biblical evangelism. Let’s remember the rich young ruler, who came to Jesus and asked him what he must do to become saved. Jesus replied to the man, telling him about the 10 Commandments, asking him if he’s kept these laws. When the man says he has, Jesus prepares this man for grace. You don’t see Jesus telling him how much He loves him, or how all of his problems could be solved by His love, or how wonderful salvation is. As Christian’s, we understand how amazing His love and grace is. We become very excited to share that, and we forget something. These people who are lost are not yet prepared to hear the grace part of the gospel. The man turned away because of Jesus’ honesty. He wanted to be patted on the back, to hear Jesus say he could keep his treasures and have some in Heaven, too. He wanted a free pass to continue living as he had been, full of pride and love of money. But we know that’s not acceptable. We have become so focused on grace that we have ruined new believers.

Ray Comfort used this analogy, I’ll write it out for those of you who don’t have time to listen to his sermon. There’s two men on a plane. A woman tells Man #1 to put on a parachute to make his flight better. She does not explain to him why he needs it, doesn’t even say anything that would make him believe he’s going to have to use it. The weight of this parachute is so heavy, he can hardly move without it killing his back! He finally gets tired of it – “This parachute has been nothing but a nuisance! It has ruined my flight!” He takes it off and throws it down in anger, and he loses the thing that would’ve saved his life because that woman did not explain to him why he needed it. Like so many Christian’s do, the women forgot to tell him that without that parachute, he’d die. Sure, it was hard to bear. It was like the cross that Jesus carried. Like the tribulation we’d face in this world as believers. She’d just given him the grace. “Jesus loves you! He wants to save you! You are so amazing and worth it!” She says as she witnesses. The sinner walks away happily…but then, he gets hit with hard times as we all do. He throws the armor of Christ down in anger. “You’re supposed to be full of grace, God! But you’ve just sat here while my life is hard! I’m done with you!” He turns his back on his salvation, just as the man with the parachute did. He was not prepared for grace. He wasn’t given the law, he wasn’t told about sin, or the necessity of repentance.

Psalm 19:7 – “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.

Have modern-day Christian’s forgotten the law’s importance? I think yes.

You see, being told what you’ve done wrong makes the good news (grace!) so much better! How can we appreciate what God has done for us without first seeing how wretched we are? How sinful our lies are, our adultery is, our sexual immorality is? And believe it or not…it’s less likely to make people turn away from God! The gospel will seem foolish and unnecessary when we forget what nailed our Savior to the cross – our sin.

Romans 3:19 – “Stop the justifying of the sinner!”

Romans 3:20 – the law tells us what sin is!

Romans 7:7 – “I had not known sin, but by the law!”

Paul didn’t even know what his sins were until the law told him! How can we expect lost souls to be saved if we do not show them the law that tells them how to repent? We can not see revival and salvation in lost souls until we see the desire to repent!

Galatians 3:24 – The law is our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ!

When evangelism forsook the law, they began sucking people in by life enhancement. This will only cause bitterness in people’s hearts when they see it’s a lie! Love and grace without sin and Hell is a lie. Jesus never promised us Heaven without salvation! Talking about grace from the start only creates bitterness. They have to understand why they need grace in order to have God’s joy through tribulation after they are saved! We are told to preach the wrath to come. It’s not about happiness, it is about righteousness.

The fruits of God are NOT meant to lure sinners in, it is the wrong reason to come to Christ. If they only come for the good, they will come with no repentance. If their motive to come to Christ is biblical, however,they won’t back down or fall from Christ when things get tough! If we don’t have biblical motives, we will become angered by God not making our lives! If anything, bad times should make true Christian’s get closer to God!

We are throwing good soil on hard ground. Jesus always broke the sinners heart with the law first, He resists the proud and saves the grace for the humble.

We can not appreciate salvation without the consequences of sin! We are to show the disease before the cure, and not making an idol out of God by claiming He is all loving and has no desire for people to turn from sin. When we refuse to witness to people (yes, even strangers.) honestly, we are setting them up for failure.

This, is Hell’s best kept secret.


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