Last Days Deception.

I didn’t get a post up when I said I would…but here I am now. I just never got the chance to sit down and post, so this is a little late, but better late than never, right? 😉 For our nightly Bible study/prayer time last night, we listened to a sermon preached by David Wilkerson titled Last Days Deception. I felt like he really hit the nail on the head quite a few times and enjoyed the sermon a lot, so I wanted to share some points he made and the rest of my notes. If you have time, give it a listen. It’s only 20 something minutes long, so not too long-winded if you don’t have much time.

The Seeker-Friendly Church.

The seeker-friendly church is one of the most prosperous religious “movements” that is being pushed into the world. There is no anguish, conviction, repentance, or anything true involved. They have changed the gospel entirely so that the sinner may be comfortable in their sin, so that they may be fooled and believe that they have salvation by simply praying a short sinners prayer but going on with no conviction, stirring in their hearts, or repentance. The gospel may be told by seemingly good, pure, wholesome people, but we also must remember that Satan himself comes disguised as an angel of light.

This church and their people will be accepted by the world as they are – wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are false prophets in every sense of the word. They accommodate and accept sin, even going as far as bringing sin into the church and making it a focal point. Jesus is not the point of the church, nor is grace, repentance, redemption…sin reigns and sits on a pedestal. This false gospel is accepted by the world because it tells them that they don’t need to change for Christ, they don’t need to repent from their ungodly acts in order to be with God one day. They can simply chant a prayer and all is okay. And even the most Godly men can be swayed by this fake gospel with promises of church growth, more income, fancier lifestyles and more. Even as strong Christian’s we have to be on guard.

Preachers of the true gospel pray and do not move until the Holy Spirit tells them to, these preachers listen to money and the world.

Sins This Gospel Accommodates

  1. Love for pleasure.
  2. Modern man’s aversion  to self-denial.
  3. Man’s offense to the Cross and blood of Christ.

These churches allow it’s people to be controlled by pleasure and sin – sins including homosexuality, porn, sex outside of marriage, and more. They are focused on lust and pleasure and see nothing wrong with it, all the while claiming that Jesus is their King and Savior, when their true king is sin.

These churches are offended by the Cross and what it truly means, but they will use it and mold it to fit their desires. They tell people that all the must do is come to the Cross and ask for forgiveness and then, the receive the gift of salvation. But as we know, God demands more from us than a simple “I’m sorry.” and us living like pigs on the world even though we claim to be His children. He does not just demand that we come to the Cross, we must go through the Cross. These people want all of the benefits of the cross, but want to leave it as soon as they come. There is no dying to sin or being resurrected. God demands full obedience.

They are given false peace, as if they can really live in sin and never face God’s judgement, but I fully believe that the true Christian’s will be held accountable – why, you ask? Surely the true Christian’s aren’t the ones living like this, or preaching this false gospel! No, I should hope not. But we are sitting on our butts watching TV and doing mindless things when we should be spreading the true gospel! It is up to us to tell them the true story of Jesus, and tell them how to receive true salvation. This world doesn’t need 15 minute skits, a fun worship team or more entertainment, this dying world is desperate for Christ Jesus and it needs to be confronted and it needs repentance. They need to be stirred, not to be made comfortable in sin. They need the true gospel, the cross of Jesus, the death, the burial and the resurrection.

Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.


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