Sin With A Storyline.

I have a question…

If sin has a good storyline and reason behind it, is it still a sin?

Let’s put it this way – let’s say I told you all that I had gone out and done something terrible. Make up anything you want – maybe I went out and got drunk, maybe I killed someone, maybe I had sex outside of marriage..anything that you consider a sin. Something that you are against, that the Bible is against. But then I gave you a big story along with it on why I did it. “Well, I had sex with ____ because we just fell in love! I mean, it’s not really a sin because we love each other, who cares about marriage anyways?” or “Listen, I just went out to the bar and drank and got rowdy and partied because I needed to get my mind off of _______. I mean really, everyone’s gotta let loose right? God’s fine with that!” Would my excuse make my mistake any less of a mistake? There’s no excuse for sin, period. And if you are a true Christian, your opinion on me would not change because I have a good storyline or reason. You would look at me and say “Listen, God doesn’t care about your silly stories. He cares about you and your well being, and He will punish you for sinning, regardless of why you did it.” He will rebuke and reprove His children, and He is not fooled by our simple stories to excuse sin.

He will forgive our mistakes, thank goodness for grace. But let me make this clear – if you continue to sin knowingly and just make excuses and storylines, He won’t be fooled and let you off the hook.

Did any of you all buy tickets for 50 Shades of Grey? Or perhaps American Sniper? Or really, any popular movie nowadays. I’m not focusing on these two movies just because I dislike them, or am against the story or people in it. For instance, I am beyond thankful for our military and I am truly happy that they are getting recognition, they are brave people, and I will not publish any disrespectful comments to them. If you know me well, you will know how patriotic I am. I love my country, and I am thankful for the freedom that our military so selflessly give their lives for. But I am not proud of the vulgarity in American Sniper goes. As far as 50 Shades of Grey goes, I’ve obviously never read it, nor will I ever. I will not watch the movie, obviously, ever. Does the storyline have some good points? Yeah. And that’s why I’m making this post. Just like American Sniper and many many other movies out in theaters, they have good points in the storyline. But do those good points make them any less sinful? No.

These are some of the parental warnings for American Sniper, these are all found on IMDB.

  • The F word is used 70+ times, as well as many other vulgar cuss words.
  • The violence is so bad that even IMDB says it is one of the worst. That is to be expected considering the movie is about military, but should we be watching these things and letting it in our homes and minds?
  • There is no nudity, although men and women are shown in underwear and in sexual situations.
  • There are scenes with drinking, smoking and drugs.
  • There are many frightening and intense scenes.

If Jesus were to come into our home today, would we watch this movie with Him, or be ashamed? Would we cringe as the characters cuss and do all sorts of things that God clearly says is sinful? I hope we would be ashamed.

Regardless of stories, sin is sin. God will judge. And by Christian’s going to see these movies, we are not only promoting them and helping to fund them, but we are being hypocrites (how dare we call ourselves Christian’s who are against sin when we so openly accept it and watch?) and shaming the Lord. These movies may have good points, but they are still sinful and vulgar. They have no place in our hearts or minds, just like sin period.

Sin is what killed our Savior. We should have no part of it. We know that the things in these movies are sinful. We would not say the F word in God’s presence, we would not allow nudity in our Godly homes, nor would we accept sexual immorality, drugs and alcohol to take over. But by allowing it in our minds like we are now, we are slowly taking it into our life. Sin is nothing to trifle with.

“If Christ has died for me, I cannot trifle with the evil that killed my best Friend.”
Charles H. Spurgeon


7 thoughts on “Sin With A Storyline.

  1. Bekah February 6, 2015 / 3:46 pm

    I agree with you. A lot of my Christian friends (Guys mind you!) have already seen it (American Sniper) and kind of made me want to see it a little bit. A *little* bit. Now, I want nothing to do with it really. Our family doesn’t watch new movies. New to us is finding a Feature Films for Familys we haven’t seen before at Goodwill! XD
    How is it possible to even swear that much in a movie?? I know it is WAR but come on, I don’t think even they use that word that much! Haha! I wish someone would make a similar movie from a Christian Soldier’s perspective, now THAT woul be worth paying the outrageous theater ticket prices to see!
    Great post a always Kalin!


    • Bekah February 6, 2015 / 3:47 pm

      *would, and *as. 😄


    • kalinann February 6, 2015 / 6:54 pm

      I wanted to see it for the longest time! I’m very patriotic and the military is so important to me, so I was happy…until I read more about it! It seemed to get more and more vulgar through every scene they filmed. My family is very conservative with movies as well, I’m sheltered and I get that, but it’s so easy to see that this is so beyond appropriate. I would absolutely love to see a cleaner *christian!* military movie. We have amazing troops and they deserve the light!


  2. Withoutaahhh February 6, 2015 / 3:50 pm

    I think that was really well written. Easy to read and interesting. Though it looked like you got the American sniper warnings off of “” (check out their ratings for disney movies or something) it was violent, but I didn’t find it any more inappropriate than dropping the f bomb and military violence. No worse than black hawk down or the hurt locker. But just sayin. I could totally see it wing published in a little newspaper colomn, but I wish you would have written about shows or movies you Had seen so this would be more credentiable


    • kalinann February 6, 2015 / 3:53 pm

      All of the ratings were straight from IMDB 🙂 No sensoring. If this isn’t credentiable then neither is IMDB. I don’t care if it’s any worse than any other movie, I posted about it because I know many people who are going to see it. Regardless of how much worse it could be, it’s vulgar and not for a christian person.


  3. saraecurrie June 29, 2015 / 7:13 am

    Do you only dislike 50 Shades because of the sex scenes? Curious.


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