God’s Way>Our Way

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. – John 15:16.

In my life, I’ve wondered why God decided to put me in some situations. I’m sure everyone has wondered the same thing before, probably multiple times, just like me. I doubt God’s ability to put me where I need to be the most when I’m in the middle of a bad time. When I’m upset, mad, depressed…I wonder if God is really right about this. If He really meant to send me down this path, or if it was some kind of mistake. But He always remains faithful. And once the sun begins to rise, and the bad times get better, and better, and better, I realize that I was exactly where I needed to be after all.

We did not choose the path He sets us on.

If we follow God 100%, step by step, it is about His will, not our own. It is about His desire for us, not our own. It is about His path, not our own. And some days, our ways seem a lot easier and a lot happier. But that doesn’t mean His will for us will change. No matter what we endure, His desire for us is the same. Because He knows that with Him, we can do all things. We can get through whatever we’re going through. We can make it. All of John 15 is so inspiring to me, because it shows us why we can go down these paths. How we can survive. Jesus is with us, He is our friend, our partner, our defender. And He set us on this path, and He’s going down it with us. We suffer bad times, but so did He.

God sets us out on our individual paths for a reason. He chose us for that certain path, for that certain job. He’s bidding everyone to come with Him on a journey full of trials and tribulations, to fight for souls and spread His word. Are you coming?

you’ve been handpicked by the creator of the universe❤️


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